What do Accutron Watches look like before service? Here are a few example pictures:

Here are some very recent pictures of watches received in for service. These watches were still running, but keeping poor time. Continued running under these conditions will result in further damage to parts. I will be updating and adding additional pictures soon. These are typical of a watch which has not been serviced for 5 or more years.

Particles stuck to magnetic housing area of tuning fork (center of pic)

Foreign material stuck to magnetic housing of tuning fork (center left of pic)

Debris stuck to bottom, and edge of index wheel.

Debris stuck to index wheel which interferes with proper time keeping...Note you can see the individual teeth on the index wheel. This wheel is only about 2mm in diameter!

Debris clinging to jewels on index fingers. Also note that index fingers are bent out of shape. they should be straight with jewels aligned to finger.

Another pair of dirty index fingers.

A center wheel clutch and cannon pinion which has worn enough to allow slippage of hands.

The missing tab (arrow) is part of the date changing yoke mechanism. Unbroken yoke on right.

Debris clinging to teeth of 2nd gear.

Another 2nd gear with accumulated debris, and corrosion. This debris is very gummy, and can slow down or damage the index mechanism, fingers, and index wheel teeth. Debris comes from: Dust, Dirt, Corrosion, Leaky batteries, wearing parts due to lack of lubrication, Poor quality lubrication, and grease.

Lack of lubrication, and a little moisture caused this index wheel pivot to freeze and break off in the jewel bearing.

Another view of the same index wheel.

The same index wheel showing the amount of pivot missing at the bottom compared to the undamaged top pivot.

The pivot jewel with the broken pivot imbedded. The index wheel, and jewel were replaced to affect repair.

In each case servicing is affected through a combination of mechanical, and/or ultrasonic cleaning, part replacement where necessary, straigntening, and adjustments to index fingers, proper lubrication, and proper reassembly, and timing.