50th Anniversary Spaceview

I consider this to be one of the most beautifully designed of all Accutron Spaceviews.


Notice the machine turning detail on the case, and case back. Also the fine finish and detail of the movement. This appears more refined, and detailed than the original 214 movements of the 60's. Also note that the + side of the battery goes "UP" as in other modern watches not "DOWN" as in the original 214 movement. The battery used is a 386 which is a thicker version of the 344 battery used on 218 movements. Thanks to the new orientation, there is no battery insulator needed here. The movement is in contact with the (+) side of the battery rather than the (-) side of the battery.

Back Removed

Here you can see an o-ring gasket in the case protecting the movement. There is also another gasket on the case back.

Case without movement

The movement itself. Again notice the very fine detail of the plates, screws, and tuning fork.

Movement front

Notice the very different battery contact area to accomodate the battery orientation.

Movement Back

Coil wire details appear much the same as other 214's.

Detail of coil contacts

Component Coil Detail

Transistor Component Detail

Index finger area detail. Note New design of index guard.

Second Hand Detail